Gallit Shaltiel


Gallit is a Brighton based Illustrator, visual artist, photographer and educator. She recently completed an MA in Sequential Illustration and Design at the University of Brighton, achieving a Distinction for her body of work ‘Talking Underwater with a mouthful of cement and debut animation ‘Flat’s’.

Recent Inspiration for Illustration comes from Outsider art, Carnivalesque and The Grotesque as well as anatomical studies and maps. Other elements which inform ideas and visual language are, psychology, dark humour, the uncanny and absurd.

Illustration work starts with handmade methods of paper cutting and combines photocopying, light box, photography and digital methods.
Integral to her work is participatory working and community arts. She recently won ‘Runner Up’ in the Drawing Inspiration Awards - The Big Draw, for her ‘Jigsaw Draw’ event.