Gallit Shaltiel


Sofa Project - Home from Home

A close up look at the domestic fabric of Home


The Home from Home project came about through an Artist residency at the SOFA project; a furniture recycling charity for people on low income. The project evolved through a year of photographing items as they came and went from the shop floor. I then became interested in the cycle of furniture moving from one house hold to another. This lead to further intrigue of the stories this furniture held within. Home from Home documents the suspended period where a matrix of histories and eras meet and accidental collages are formed.

The work was first shown at SOFA as a window installation which could be viewed from the shop floor or street, as I was interested in making art more accessible.

Photographs were gathered into categories and displayed like collections from a domestic museum, within recycled frames. The work then carried through its’ domestic and recycled themes by being showed as an installation at The Create centres eco home in Bristol.